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This equipment changed my video calls forever
I was insecure with my voice quality over video calls until I started using the lapel mic.
Writing tests for a codebase that has none
Did you just inherit a code base that doesn't have any tests? You have heard about the benefits of automated tested but don't know how to get started?
Internet and Web Application 101
While the internet may look like a complicated machine from the outside, its richness inside is powered by variations of the same few HTTP protocols.
Introduction to Programming Paradigms
One common saying is that "good code should read like a story". And just like a story, code can have different type of code structures for readers to make sense of what the code is doing.
Don't Abuse Inheritance
When first starting out with object-oriented programming (OOP), it is easy to abuse its many language features; one such feature is inheritance.
High Fan In, Low Fan Out
High fan-in, low fan-out is a common technique that helps to consolidate dependencies and references, and encourages code re-use throughout large projects.
Advanced Rails ActiveRecord & SQL tricks (Part 1)
Rails ActiveRecord is powerful but it can feel limiting at times. With a bit of coercing, you can get it to play well with SQL. In this part I'll illustrate an example using PARTITION BY clauses.
Parsing Text & Binaries with Elixir
Elixir has an interesting set of tools that make it a breeze for parsing text.
Building a Web App with Elixir & Phoenix — Part 3
In this part, we will attempt to link up your application into the outside world so you can accress your todo list from a web browser interface.
Building a Web App with Elixir & Phoenix — Part 2
This a continuation from the previous Part 1, where we learnt how to set up a basic Elixir project and also created a database link to lay the groundwork of data persisting application.
Building a Web App with Elixir & Phoenix — Part 1
Building your first Web Application? This is the start of a 3 part series to get you started.
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